Thor and Olle

Thor and Olle

Music from all over the world with two brilliant musicians (Year F -6)

Two young, dedicated and skilled multi-instrumentalists, take us on a fast-paced journey where diversity is just the first name. On bouzouki, harmonica, accordion, bagpipe, flamenco guitar and triangle, we get to experience a plethora of different folk music cultures from the southern regions of the world. The journey goes over dramatic party music and flamenco from our Mediterranean regions, via Greek fisherman music and a French bagpipe song, further away to clear blues, cajun and country from the swamps of Louisiana. The audience is invited to captivating choruses and rhythms where everyone can participate. Finally, we land at home again, in a Swedish folk music song, which weaves in musical memories from the trip's previous stops.

The performance is approved for the organizer support in Västra Götaland.

Creative School - "Music from the south" Read more about Thor and Olle's digital performance / workshop here:

Thor Ahlgren is a multi-instrumentalist who excels in a number of genres: various forms of Greek folk music, medieval music, French bagpipe music, cajun from the American south and Celtic and Swedish folk music. With the bands Alligator Gumbo, Pøbel and Opa! he has achieved great success for many years both within the Nordic region and internationally. Thor plays bagpipes, folk flutes, Greek bouzouki and accordion and is educated at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg and Greece.

Olle Pelayo Lind specializes in the unusual combination of harmonica and flamenco guitar. With flamenco and Swedish folk music as his home ground, Olle often and happily makes excursions to a number of other folk music genres such as old time blues, samba, Finnish folk music and Greek music. Olle is trained in Swedish folk music guitar and classical guitar at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg and Ingesund and in flamenco in Spain. Olle also plays with, among others, flamenco guitarist Jonathan Bondesson and the Finnish-Swedish folk music group The Original Swedish Arvika Blues Breakers.