Thilini & Erik

Thilini & Erik

Bold and experimental interpretations of Cornelis Vreeswijk's lyrics and music.

Thilini & Erik is the duo that under the name Cosmetic Heesvijk composed and interpreted Cornelis' repertoire. In 2020, they chose to put Cornelis on the shelf to move on with their own newly written material.

By daring to mix genres and sound, the duo makes big brushstrokes with the material and covers everything between blues, pop, folk and ambient soundscapes - despite their minimal setting.

Words about the duo

"With a personal way, they make the songs their own and give a close-knit feeling with interplayed dynamics and excellent articulation of the lyrics"
Yrsa Gullin - Uppsala Nya Tidning

“The evening session was started strongly by Cosmetic Heeswijk, the Gothenburg duo with headstrong interpretations of Cornelis Vreeswijk's music. Thilini Guldbrand has a fantastic voice that bursts charmingly from time to time. ”
Nancy Bladfält Västerbottens-Kuriren

Thilini Guldbrand and Erik Björksten are two wonderful children who have become attached to Cornelis Vreeswijk and now make their own mark on classic songs such as "Deirdres samba" and "Ångbåtsblues". Guldbrand's voice fills the whole tent when she alternately whispers, alternately shouts out her song to the tunes of Björksten's clever guitar playing ”
Hilda Blomberg - Hallandsposten

"Had I had a top hat, I would have lifted it."
Kalle Larsson - Hymn

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