The Splendor

The Splendor

Atmospheric and hard-hitting jazz of absolute world class.

The Splendor is a jazz quartet with the tentacles outwards, the thorns inwards and with a tireless interest in all the small details in the music that make each concert its own universe. In the same way that a stain on the windscreen makes you look in a new direction and a stone in the shoe gives you a new gait style, the dirt, the untyped tones and the instantaneous whims are most important when The Splendor makes music. The Splendor (gloss) is what is perceived when everything falls into place.

Based on short themes or longer compositions, the quartet builds their music through improvisation and an approach that is free and curious. The result is magical, innovative and spiritual wild jazz.

Since its debut, The Splendor has toured in Sweden and Europe and released three critically acclaimed albums, Sound of Splendor (2008), Delphian Palace (2011) and the double vinyl Forest which was released in the autumn of 2014. All three have been nominated for the Manifesto award in the category jazz"


Lisen Rylander Löve, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet and composition, released her first solo album in 2019 where she mixes saxophone, voice and live electronics. For twelve years she was part of the electronics duo Midaircondo. In 2009, Lisen received the Jazz Cat for this year's newcomer and a year earlier she was awarded the prestigious Monica Zetterlund scholarship.

Fabian Kallerdahl, piano and composition, plays in the critically acclaimed group Musicmusicmusic, which has made several acclaimed records and tours around the world. Fabian has played with artists such as Georg Riedel, Anders Kjellberg, Daniel Lemma, Lindha Kallerdahl and Anna Lundqvist. He also works as a composer and arranger for theater and film. In 2006, Fabian Jazz became the Sweden Prize winner.

Josef Kallerdahl, bass, is also a member of Musicmusicmusic, New Tide Orquesta, Nils Berg Cinemascope, Lina Nyberg band and the duo Josef and Erika. Josef is one of the front figures for Sweden's leading record company in modern jazz, Hoob Records. In 2012, Josef SKAP was awarded the prestigious scholarship "for meritorious contributions in the field of popular music".

Lars ”Lade” Källfelt, drums, can also be heard with eg Andreas Gidlund quartet, Trains & Saxophones, Björn Cedergren 3, and Emrik Larsson and others. He is one of the country's most popular drummers and is frequently hired by prominent soloists in Sweden, but has also toured in the USA, Senegal, Japan and Finland.

“-More, more! shouts an inner voice. With their third album, The Splendor is seriously stepping out as one of the most inspiring jazz bands right now. ”

- Björn Schagerström, GAFFA

"The Splendor has that elusive added value."

- Johannes Cornell, DN

She is John Coltrane's long-lost daughter, both in sound and spirit, and yet her voice is uniquely her own.

- All About Jazz