The Groove

The Groove

Tight jazz trio with imaginative interplay and a lot of Groove!

Jazz music for those who like raw swing, groove and blues, who are not afraid of the simple raw, strong, free and basic. For this is strong. Not in volume measured, but in energy.

Kjell Jansson, Anders Kjellberg and Björn Cedergren are all known from various contexts and have participated in a number of records and toured extensively.

In The Groove, they meet and tackle a bunch of jazz songs with an obviousness that only musicians with a great love for music do.


"The Groove Extension II"

The Groove:
Kjell Jansson - bass
Anders Kjellberg - drums / percussion
Björn Cedergren - tenor sax / clarinet / bass clarinet
Bror Gunnar - Jansson vocal
Stina Jansson - violin / vocal
Emma Augustsson - cello
Vanessa Liftig - spoken word

The Groove has released three more records on the record company Imogena:

"A Tribute To Jimmy Garrison"

"Stop It!"

“The Groove - Extension”

On "The Groove - Extension", music composed and arranged by Kjell Jansson is presented.

Brother Gunnar Jansson - song
Joakim Rolandson - alto saxophone
Niclas Rydh - trombone
Tommy Kotter - piano
Matti Ollikainen - piano

The Groove consists of:

Kjell Jansson - double bass

Kjellberg is different - drums

Björn Cedergren Tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet