Strong vocal quartet with weakness for drums and dance.

Strong vocal quartet that plays and dances with their voices.

Maria, Sanna, Ingrid and Anna, have flourished for a long time in Gothenburg's cultural life and in the rest of the world. They are with or have worked in groups such as Amanda, Sumer, Cabaret Oriental, Ale Möller band and Markatta.

“With us, the coffee is always on! The roof has flown off and Einstein is dancing with God.

Convoluted truths, ultra-high depths, crackling colors, depression, imagination and reality. Nothing goes wrong that can not be right, with our magical Tetra recipe! We sing hits, pearls, and odd earrings in many different languages ​​and give them our very own Tetra shade, with drums, parts, improvisation and dance!

Our specialty is: inaugurations, parties, anniversaries, weddings, lullabies, fanfares, small and large parties. We also give workshops for singers, choirs and train teachers in music and we have done several children's performances, which we toured around schools with both in Sweden and Denmark.

See Tetra on You Tube below or visit our website!

Our latest production for children and families, “Tussa Lulla”, is the name of a book we published in the autumn of 2016 in collaboration with the artist and song painter Malin Skinnar. The book (which we of course take with us when we play the show) is an anthology with lullabies from 15 different countries. The pages of the book are covered with fantastic pictures and crumbs, notes and texts both in the original language and in Swedish. Several of the Swedish texts are newly written by members of Tetra.

For the adult audience, in addition to concerts, we have the performances "Comfort", "Far away and close", "Transit" (from Sept 2017) and also a cinnamon-scented Winter program, "Light in Midwinter Time", which is an exciting alternative to the usual Christmas programs.