Children and family performances with world music, dance, shows and thoughts in harmony with the audience

For children!

Join us in Tetra's magical music world, where beautiful instruments and songs in languages ​​from different directions meet. Listen to the sound of Creole and Persian. Hear the splashing sound of the finger cymbals. Feel the beat of the mother's drum. TETRA travels, plays and dances through the world's folk music traditions. We have extensive experience of performing for children as a target group. All over Sweden and also in Denmark, we have performed for and together with children and young adults. Read more about our performances and workshops / projects at www.tetramusik.se

Tetra was formed in 2006 by four singers with the same desire to share songs with each other. They all have many years of experience in singing music from different folk music traditions. Tetra's members can also be heard, among other things. in Markatta Musikteater, Ale Möller Band and the singing ensemble Amanda.

Tussa Lulla (0-5 years)

Tetra gives a family show for the little ones and their parents and siblings.

A show where you can join in and sing simple phrases with us, watch and listen to bells ringing, maybe hold a stuffed animal, or feel a feather that gently pulls past…

Halli hallå (School and family performance)

A singing journey around our globe

Think of all the people on earth - what are they all doing? Someone plays football, another jumps pasture. Some vomit while some others kiss! And there, listen! Someone is singing… ”

Tetra can also be found in Kulturkatalogen Väst:
Halli Hello: https://www.kulturkatalogenvast.org/Arrangemang/id/4369
Tusa Lulla: https://www.kulturkatalogenvast.org/Arrangemang/id/4371