Brave Mothers' Chapel

Brave Mothers' Chapel

A musical, humorous and mildly insane concert cabaret.

Brave mothers' chapel - a concert cabaret

It burns under the parquet and mills out people and animals. In the middle of life, Gothenburg-based Tappra Mödrars Kapell continues to trudge in search of everyday passions and adult life certificates. In his own handwriting and

Surprising songs, Tappra Mödrars Kapell tells about the search for the eighth wonder and the stubborn desire to change both life and hairstyle.

Brave mothers consist of Kattis Olsson Lundberg, violin and vocals, Sara Sjödahl, piano and vocals, Ulla Andersson electric bass and vocals and Ebba Westerberg on percussion. Four thoroughbred musicians and estradors who

delivers his very own musical and humorously colored picture of life. Music and lyrics that breathe variety, folk music and Zetterlund melancholy. It is powerful, apt and headstrong.

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Then you will automatically get the entire CD “Why should you be yourself about

you are a boring bastard? ”

Voices from the audience:

"You could shake life in a mortuary" Vera-25

“This was FUN !!! Gudrun Schyman- v

"We MUST have you to Hultsfred" Max painter

"Damn, what energy - like some kind of match!" Grabb- 22