Tango kings

Tango kings

Let yourself be seduced by Finnish classical tango such as Satumaa, Täysikuu or Liljankukka. An authentic Finnish tango concerto with tales as an option.

The word Tango is from Latin and means "to touch". And it is perhaps in our inherent longing for touch, in the moment that tango is born? Our longing is too great and our needs insatiable….!

So let yourself be seduced or terrified by the immortal Finnish tango classics like Satumaa, Täysikuu or Liljankukka!

Tango came to Finland as early as 1913 where it became more established than elsewhere in Europe and it became so popular that it became and still is part of the Finnish people's soul.

In Tango Kings, we take you on a journey in the spirit of melancholy to the eternal sunsets, the white birches, and the cracked dreams of Finland, where the fairytale land "Satumaa" makes you finally dare and have the courage to face tomorrow's cloudy reality ..?

Tango kings are sung in the original language Finnish, and are more than happy to be "seasoned" with rich tales in Swedish about the fate and adventures of various tango kings.

Timo Nieminen: song and tales

Hasse Westling: double bass

Sverker Stenbäcken: accordion

Stefan Bellnäs: guitar