Susanne Lind & Marco Rios

Susanne Lind & Marco Rios

Singing performance with a lot of music, play & dance with roots all over the world. (6-9 years)

Lisa has pen pals from all over the world. Her grandfather prefers to be at home and clean, but not even he can resist the games from Latin America, Taiwan, Nigeria, Turkey and Denmark…

Susanne Lind and Marco Rios present here a singing performance with a lot of music, play, dance and song. The songs are taken from a material with international song games from near and far that RFoD's song game network has produced, as a sequel to the Swedish song game book "Tyderuttan, sa räven". Most of the songs are sung in Swedish.

Susanne Lind, violin and vocals, is a music supervisor and folk musician and has worked professionally as a musician since 1995. She has played almost 1000 children's performances.

Marco Rios, guitar, vocals and percussion, has had the program series "Hi Amigo!" on TV's Björnes magazine and also on P3's children's radio. He has released five CDs, three of these for children and two music booklets (Hi amigo !, Sambalele, I can if I want !, and Värmlatino and Afzelius songs in Spanish.)

Susanne Lind & Marco Rios can also be found in Kulturkatalogen Väst: