Superstar Orchestra

Superstar Orchestra

Balkan brass at concerts and parties for all ages

Sweden's most Balkan brass bands have done everything from guerrilla workshops in classrooms to the giant festival in Guca, Serbia. They have traveled in the Balkans, met and played with fantastic musicians and bands from the Roma areas in Macedonia and Serbia and toured in Sweden.

In SVT's "The Swedes in Guca", the television audience got to accompany the band to the brass festival in Guca, Serbia. The club Balkan Superstars at Södra Teatern presented unique guest performances from the Balkans. Sixth album released in 2022.

Balkan brass is popular and something that can be liked by everyone, they say. TV programs such as the Ministry of Music, where they played with Thorleifs and Talang where the challenged Bert Karlsson are in the luggage.

The orchestra plays acoustically and is mobile - to get real contact with their audience - they go out among the audience. Very appreciated.

Süperstar Orkestar plays for children and young people in schools and hospitals, for seniors in nursing homes and also at corporate events and festivals and parties.

Jens Edenhed: clarinet
Lars Ydgren: alto saxophone
Magnus Hedenborg: trumpet
David Bryntesson: trumpet
Håkan Säfvestad: tenor tuba
Mikko Iskanius: tenor tuba
Göran Christensen: sauna
Erik Nilsson: percussion