Su Andersson

Su Andersson

Singer and guitarist in folk rock and Americana pop.

Su Andersson is a singer and guitarist in folk rock and Americana pop. She is a solo artist but likes to bring more musicians when the opportunity arises. Her music draws inspiration from i.a. Gillian Welch, Annika Norlin and Neil Young. In the baggage there are collaborations with, among others Henning (guitar) and Malin Almgren (drums). Henning is also co-producer of her album. 

The album Train Stories is written based on a train journey through 15 states in the USA in the fall of 2019, where Su Andersson made a musical travel story where she performs with the music from the record, reading from her travel diary and photos taken during the trip. This is a much-appreciated performance where the audience is invited to come along on the journey. This performance is very well suited for libraries, in smaller contexts where you have a listening audience. Su Andersson has done everything from intimate concerts at home, gigs at bookstores, libraries/cultural centers to smaller clubs and festivals. 

About "Brave" (2022):

"Gothenburg's Su Andersson makes competent and pleasant Americana that does not lack edge, taken from a punkier, more alternative side rooted in both the 70s and 90s"

Johan Lindqvist, GP 2022.07.29