The singing string quartet - or the playing singing quartet.

“HEAVEN EARTH - if you will”

New program with Straw Vocal Strings!

Stråf gives a green, beautiful and poetic, musical consideration of our present and future.
Based on Evert Taube's Änglamark, we examine our steps here on earth and our possibilities for creating life and art.
Music and lyrics by Stefan Forssén, Elise Einarsdotter, Evert Taube and Stråf and others. The program now also includes a couple of imaginative specially composed pieces by the French headstrong composer Philippe Kadousch. There will be splashing, swinging and languorous melodies in strings and parts. Classical, show, pop, folk and world music with strings and voices in
a nice association. Welcome to hear from you! The concert is suitable both in the church and on the theater stage or out in the green.




Welcome to FAMILIA!

A swinging, juicy and slightly thoughtful musical performance for children 4-8 years and family.

About longing, missing, feeling alone or feeling like a raindrop in a big beautiful sea.

About wanting to be together and land in an eternal Friday coziness.


STRÅF, the singing string quartet in a moving, touching, musical performance! The bodies, instruments and voices converse with the audience and each other. Poetry swirls in loud tones, mysterious sequences and sonorous chords.

The four members of STRÅF constitute both a vocal quartet and a string quartet and present a musical landscape with classical percussion, fine-tuned songs, dramatic tango, swinging folk music, beloved pop songs and newly written art music.


Musical joy in an exciting, heartfelt and warm program. It will be classical, songs, pop and also some hits in new arrangements for strings and singing.


The pianist and composer Stefan Forssén has written and arranged music directly for STRÅF in the performance Eternity, where he also participates. Here you can hear composed texts by the Estonian poet Doris Kareva, Karlfeldt, Shakespeare and more. Embroideries of imaginative tones are sung and played alternately, often at the same time in the thoroughly composed concert.

"And the notes swing elegantly, meander into each other, just as the program holds together all the way in a kind of melodic life journey." Norrländska Socialdemokraten September 2008.

HIDE AND SEEK (10-19 years)

In the performance "Hide and Seek", Stråf turns to young people and provides a musical experience that contains both classical repertoire and "new classics" among modern songs. All in an ingenious fabric; Bach hides with Eva Dahlgren, Pachelbel's timeless cannon loops loom

at Imogen Heep's house, Robyn hangs out with Coldplay and Laleh and Kent may be getting married in a sweet straw rug. Facts about the show can be found under press photos & documents.

STRÅF is also excellent as mingling music and entertainment at festive events.