The Storm Rider

The Storm Rider

Storm Rider - Freddie Mercury meets Saint Birgitta. Dreamy art pop in small format.

Gothenburg's Julia Stokes, who has been seen in the 20s jazz / prog band Swing Tarturo over the past decade, is now inviting you to Stormryttaren's magical everyday life. A beautiful journey filled with fervor, contemplation and hope that made the audience both laugh and cry. A journey with the desire to together make the world a little more shimmery!

Pulsating piano chord mats intertwine with the rider's exuberant and expressive voice that brought to mind artists such as Kate Bush and Susanne Sundfør. At everything from inaugurations to theaters and concert halls, she creates a union of both fragility and primeval power with great radiance and sincerity.

Solo and duo, the latter along with:
Anton Stokes: Acoustic guitar