Stina's songs

Stina's songs

Swinging, happy, beautiful and thought-provoking folk music

Stina's songs are somewhere in between songs and bluegrass, Swedish and Irish folk music and everything else that inspires and touches! It is swinging and atmospheric with both humor and seriousness. Clever, beautiful, thought-provoking and easy-going at the same time.

“Real fiddler joy, modern and traditional in a sweet mix. Texts that touch, amuse and meet in the middle of the poet's tribe. Such groups are needed !! ”/ Gåke Gunnarsson, songwriter

“Stina not only sings like clockwork, her voice also feels exciting. And Stina's songs are worth listening to more than once! ” / Harald Treutiger, TV profile and songwriter

“Hearing Stina's songs was fresh, captivating and charming! Stina's obvious song and the musicians' play was wonderful to take in. Folk music, show and Stina's songs own style in a wonderful mix. You can not help but be happy and feel good! Thanks! ”/ Susanna Moberg, freelance singer, educator and organizer

About the album While the brook is roaring 2020:

“Stina Klintbom's song feels so close and touching, so obviously convincing; in her lyrics, everyday life gets a shine and a luster beyond the ordinary. It rumbles like a cold spring and roars like a northern rapids. With joy, purity and energetic intensity.
The words contain thought-provoking comments on the big questions about life and love /… / An album that both inspires and touches, you get carried away and are happy to listen ”
/ Lira music magazine

About the album When I met you 2014:

“Many are those who have tried to bring the song into a modern context, often with a too internal, rigid or universal tone as a result. Stina's songs, on the other hand, find a surprising interplay between traditional style conventions and brave genre twists. /… / A tight band, ingenious arrangements and cheerful melodies. ” / Lira Musikmagasin


Band members:
Stina Klintbom, vocals
Magnus Markling, mandolin, tin whistle
Andreas Nordanstig, guitar
Johan Bengtsson, double bass
Hanna Austern, violin