Stone sweet

Stone sweet

Music for marimba and violin

With its concert programs, Stensöta provides a musical experience with violin and marimba. Getting a piece of wood, which could just as easily have been used to create heat energy with, to vibrate and create sounds that can be tamed is something incredibly beautiful. In the program Twilight Song, Stensöta wants to share this and achieve the magical feeling when everyone in the room is completely inside the listening and music.

Stensöta are Karin Wiberg, violin and Ellen Sjö Sander, marimba, freelance musician based in Gothenburg. Stensöta is passionate about producing new music in collaboration with female composers. The duo collaborates with various composers who compose directly for them and on the program they have music by, among others, Bára Gísladottir, Corinne von Dardel, Staffan Storm and Anna Eriksson.


In 2016, Stensöta began the collaborative project Hyvelspån together with composers and artists from several countries where, with inspiration from the theme of wood and forest, art and new music were created for the ensemble. In the spring of 2019, Stensöta performed material from the project in concert form for the first time.

Together with the sound artist and composer Louise Magnusson, Stensöta gives the joint concert STEIN. During the concert, Stensöta performs Magnusson's music composed for the duo and joint pieces where Magnusson's saw blades sound with Stensöta's improvisations.

Ellen Sjö Sander: marimba / percussion

Karin Wiberg: violin

Ellen also does a Creative School program, download info sheets here: - To Paint Music