Soca Rebels

Soca Rebels

Soca, calypso! Irresistible Trinidad turn from Gothenburg.

Jump up and wave - Join the party!

From December to February every year, the Caribbean island of Trinidad is rocked by the hot rhythms of soca music. A modern form of calypso that urges you to let go and dance unrestrained…

Soca Rebels has been gaining momentum on the dance floor since 1990, and a proof of the swing factor is undoubtedly the demand from Trinidad, where the music style itself once arose!

They mix well-known songs with their own material and are also the given choice as a backing band for the Soca artist Crazy from Trinidad & Tobago.

The band has produced and arranged music for a variety of artists with roots in the genre.

Sarah Hansson: Singing

Sara “Zukie” Lundberg: Song

Lars Hansson: Guitar, Vocals

Mats O Hansson: Keyboards

Klas Nilsson: Trumpet

Jakob Sollerman: Trombone

Björn Hansson: Bass

Kent Helgesen: Drums