Sláinte: Irish, Scottish and American swinging folk-rock and self-written songs!

The core of Sláinte are its two original members, Billy Jones (guitar, vocals) and Jonas Liljeström (violin) who have toured across Scandinavia and made more than 1000 gigs together in varying settings; duo, trio, quartet etc. Their venues have included clubs, pubs, weddings, private parties and concert stages. In the summer of 2013, they gave a series of very successful concerts at the famous Edinburgh Festival.

The setting is traditional: guitar, violin and vocals. Depending on the organizer's wishes, other instruments and musicians can be added - from mandolin, banjo, and keyboards to bass, drums and rhythm instruments - to form a large band.

Billy Jones

Billy Jones is a singer-songwriter who has been active as a musician since the 1960s, in his native Scotland as well as on stages throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA. He was originally known for his wild, headstrong and at the same time sensitive interpretations of other artists' songs and also Irish, Scottish and American folk songs - and has constantly developed his own songwriting, live as well as on a dozen vinyl and CD albums.

Jonas Liljeström

In addition to his 23-year collaboration with Billy in the Irish-Scottish-American folk rock genre, Jonas is a well-known interpreter of traditional Roma and Eastern European folk music, and also klezmer. In addition to Sláinte, he is also a member of the groups Krilja, Salamander, Celtic Duo, Celtic Connections and Sonika.

Band members:

Billy Jones: guitar, vocals

Jonas Liljeström: violin