Dance in Darkness etc. Sparkling performances of songs, scenes, lyrics.

The vocal quartet Slabang are: Åsa Johansson, Patrick Rydman, Tobias Edvardsson and Brita Lindgren. Slabang's members are also musicians and actors, with solid education and many years of experience from stage and record, including the Singing Ensemble Amanda, Folkteatern in Gothenburg, Riksteatern, Teater Jaguar, and groups such as Kåbra, West of Eden, Moonmen and others.

Fyra Vindars Café - station coffee between heaven and earth

Fyra Vindars Café is a newly written chamber musical about us heavenly earthly people, our longing for meaning, our possibilities and and our loneliness.

A thought-provoking one-act play with beats such as The Heart of the Storm, The Wind Freezes, Death Allergy, Roller Roller and of course Four Winds Café.

“I have taken care of this café for as long as I can remember. We always have new customers, every day. They want dreams, memories, forgiveness, love, tenderness, sometimes they just want a cup of coffee. I can see them, the people, clearly, but they do not see me. They play their lives before my eyes. Up here, time stands still, does not exist. In a flash, they understand what was important, what really matters and what actually matters.

Music, lyrics and idea - Slabang

Slabang also has the acclaimed performance Dance in the Dark - a tribute to Beppe left on the repertoire.