Aunt Franzie - the first cat in the air. Swinging, sad and proud with Slabang.

Suitable as a family show and school 5-9 years.

Aunt Franzie - the first cat in the air is a musical performance about Aunt Franzie who was the first cat in the air. We who tell the story are three cat relatives who with a lot of tone and a little word and movement describe her adventure. These are the first staggering flight attempts of the first cat to cross the English Channel all the way to the first spaceflight.

We play saxophones, trumpet and violin, we sing in parts, we play piano, accordion, guitar and bass. The music and lyrics are newly written. We who play are Åsa, Brita and Patrick, as you have probably seen in many children's contexts. Such as Krakel Spektakel, Teater Jaguar, Musikteatergruppen Kåbra, Stråf and much more.