The music and theater group SKOJPLOJ

The music and theater group SKOJPLOJ

Singing, music and fun are mixed with excitement and learning

Come on Land Crabs and Pirates!  (Children 3-7 years) Also for special primary school.
Theme: Different good but best together.

Musical theater with an exciting adventure at sea with treasure hunt, pirates, starfish and land crabs. The children also get to learn expressions about boats and the sea and the mistake of littering. They are also involved through the music and movements. In the roles, we see the supportive pirate girl, the insecure land crab and the show's diva starfish.
The common thread is to challenge their fears, become more sensitive to each other and dare to admit what you can not and are less good at. The artists sing and play mostly newly written melodies for guitar, double bass/saxophone, ukulele and kazoo in imaginative costumes and props.

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"The children were bursting with thoughts and ideas on the way home and some even chose to swim out of the hall" / Nina Persson Child Librarian / Child Culture Coordinator Bollebygd Municipality Oct.2020.
"The message is that everyone is needed for our journey through life to be good" "An entertaining and educational show" Hans Strandberg, Preschool teacher at Tångeröd's preschool, Tjörn municipality April 2018
"It was a fun and inspiring performance where song, music and content had a good message in both gender and in our differences" / Eva-Karin Bergström  Coordinator SDF Askim-Frölunda-Högsbo sept.2017

Floral falu sausage and other craziness (Children 3-6 years)

Med underfundiga visor av Hasse Alfredson sjunger, spelar och skojar Mimmi, Steffe och Sussi med barnen. De framför visorna till gitarr, fiol, dragspel och bongotrummor Barnen är delaktiga under föreställningen i bl.a rörelsesången ”Ska vi byta grejer”. Innehållet i föreställningen ger förutom glada melodier och berättelser, spänning med en hemlig låda, tankar kring etik och etikett, att få barnen att sjunga med samt ge en inblick i kretsloppssystemet. I videospelaren till höger kan du titta på “Styrman Karlssons äventyr” ur föreställningen.


The group is approved for the ticket subsidy for the organizer support in Västra Götaland and within the city of Gothenburg.