Six String Yada

Six String Yada

Hillbilly with influences from Swedish and British folk music is delivered with a wonderful punk attitude!

Credited with giving the new wave of American folk music in Sweden a real boost in recent years, Six String Yada keeps the tradition of hillbilly music from the Appalachian mountains alive, but at the same time they also create something new. The base may consist of traditional American folk music, but it is their spice of both British and Swedish folk tones that makes this a musical experience that stands out - and that everything is delivered with a raw pinch punk attitude. In everything from covers of obscure metal bands that no one has heard of to violin songs that no one has heard of, the band goes under their self-proclaimed motto - 10% is what we play, 90% is how you play it.

With over 100 gigs and two albums in the back, this is a band that guarantees that even the most quiet, laid-back northerner will stomp the beat and sing along.

"I lie down flat for Six String Yada. I'm completely sold. This is music at its most fun. Playful, skilled and playful. ” - Pierre Eriksson, Lira Musikmagasin