Simone Moreno & Os Lourinhos

Simone Moreno & Os Lourinhos

Sunny samba in Swedish

Simone Moreno in Swedish

In the autumn of 2017, the Brazilian singer Simone Moreno released the EP "På svenska", with swinging songs sung in the Swedish language.

She also appeared in the series "Folkets musik" on SVT (available on SVT Play). There, Simone and the band made a completely new version of Christian Walz's song "Wonderchild" - now as "Underman" in brass costume and in Portuguese and Swedish.

Simone's mother tongue is the beautiful Portuguese, but since she came to Sweden she has longed to sing more in her new language: Swedish. The times she has done so, she has touched enormously - as in the hit "We go to Malmö", in the duet "Forever", and not least when she was hailed this year (including DN) after a performance in Berwaldhallen at the anniversary concert for Taube 100 years. Therefore, Simone has now recorded a collection of her Swedish favorite songs, taken from both older and newer artists - it is in addition to "Underman" including music by Kent, Cornelis, Peps and Bo Kaspers, in interpretations that contain her very own Brazilian spice mix and takes us on a journey…

She is perhaps best known for the Timbuktu duet "Vem pra Bahia (Vi drar till Malmö)", but has also participated in the Melodifestivalen with the song "Aiayeh". She has sung for both Paul Simon and Gilberto Gil at the Polar Prize, appeared in the Håkan Hellström film "Feel no sorrow" and television-praised Queen Silvia, who turned 70 years old.

Simone tours extensively around Scandinavia, Europe and the world with her band Os Lourinhos (with members who played with Ale Möller, Sofia Karlsson, Blacknuss etc.) at clubs, concert halls and festivals with her very own mix of Afro-Brazilian pop, reggae, soul, samba and Nordic influences. She has been praised for the two records she has released since moving to Sweden 15 years ago: "Samba Makossa" and "Planetas", which received 5/5 in Sweden's largest daily newspaper DN, and also the prestigious Manifesto Prize.

Sunny samba, whirling reggae, electronic swing and top-notch pop. Everything is mixed together in Simone Moreno's Swedish-Brazilian world and creates an style that is as obvious as its own ”(TT-Spektra)