Rhythmic and inviting concert for children where a workshop is also offered (9-19 years)

SIMBI is a colorful 9-man band that plays dancing music with roots in Haiti. Through the creole songs, the rhythms and its swinging wind section, SIMBI reaches its audience of all ages, makes them sing along and dance. SIMBI has extensive experience of concerts for children and young people. And preferably with a connecting workshop to pep up before the concert with public interaction. SIMBI's powerful sound is well suited for a larger format, for example for high school and high school. SIMBI is available on spotify (Vodou Beat, Kreol, Kalalou, So Yèyè) See the website

SIMBI's music is a declaration of love for this culture and lets the influences spread between West African pop, Afrofunk, jazz and Caribbean carnival music. SIMBI has been around for a long time, touring and playing on big and small stages, in schools and clubs around the world; Sweden, Haiti, Benin, USA, France, Canada and they have made three critically acclaimed albums "Vodou Beat" (93), "Kreol" (96) and "Kalalou" (03). In 2016, SIMBI released their fourth album "So Yèyè" on the record company Footprint Rec.

In Haiti, SIMBI is called "the blue-eyed Haitians".

Concert and workshop for children!

Here everyone is involved, interaction with song and rhythms.