Hip hop, Rnb, reggae, dancehall etc. are performed with great power and important messages.

We are the Serengeti.

As a Serengeti, we have for many years toured all over Europe and also in Africa and Jamaica. In Sweden we have done countless festivals and club gigs, radio & TV gigs etc. We have started our own record company and studio, released two full-length albums, worked with promotions, bookings, tours and more. BUT in addition to this, we have also for many years worked with holding workshops in various contexts with young people around the country and also with young people in South Africa. We have an enormous amount of knowledge about the music industry, have many years of experience in harrowing in rehearsal rooms and studios, standing on stage, creating and playing, touring, what it is like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, to go from zero to a hundred on your own , of never giving up and how important it is to believe in yourself.


Songwriting workshop

Together with the group, we do value exercises, exercises in songwriting, share thoughts, tips and pepper with us. We talk about being able to use music as a tool to influence and change. We do not start from any particular genre but give general tips and advice. Participants can write songs together, with our coaching. We play some of our songs and talk about how we work. By the end of the workshop, many hits have usually come into the world. No previous knowledge required!

Inspiration workshop

Artist-pepper talk and inspiration to follow your dreams. What can you do if you want to do music and get somewhere but do not have any "big" contacts? We talk about promotion, fix gigs, stand on stage, record in the studio, etc. We tell how we did, from when we started as young people - to where we are today. We share concrete tips and methods. No previous knowledge required!

Beat production

Do you have to work with a producer? Can anyone produce beats and their own music? How to easily make music on a computer? Try producing music in real music programs. We teach how to create beats with different music programs. Focused on hip hop, Rnb, reggae, dancehall, electro - depending on your wishes. No previous knowledge required!

DJ workshop

Learn how to use mixer and turntable. How to beat mix and how to think like a DJ. We tell how we started DJing, and how we learned what we can. The best tips and tricks to start DJing. No previous knowledge required!