Samara, a musical meeting between Nordic and oriental tradition, both older and new.

It started as Trio Samara with the Palestinian oud player Ahmad al Khatib, Stefan Bergman, bass and Sten Källman, soprano saxophone. Since 2018, when we carried out a large project funded by the Swedish Music Agency, the trio has become a sextet with Larisa Ljungkrona (accordion), Youssef H'beisch (oriental perc) and Avin Omar (Kurdish singing).

It was a successful adventure that began in the Middle East in May-June 2018 and continued with a long tour in Sweden Oct-Nov 2018. Trio Samara has been around for over ten years and created music in the meeting between Nordic and oriental tradition, both older and new .

Now Samara has been expanded by the ensemble containing accordion, percussion and vocals. Avin sings in Kurdish but also Arabic and Persian and our accordionist Larisa also uses her voice in textless improvisation and in Finnish runo songs.

Samara explores the modal landscape in music from the Middle East and the Nordic countries. What we have in common and what is new to us engages us. Our artistic tools are the melodies, both vocal and instrumental, but also improvisation.

Group members
Ahmad al Khatib: oud
Avin Omar: vocals
Youssef Hbeisch: percussion
Larisa Ljungkrona: accordion, vocals
Stefan Bergman: bass
Sten Källman: saxophone