Challenging world music band with island, artistry and attitude!

Sallyswag is a musical slap in the face, a colorful live band with heavy grooves and apt messages. The group has roots in dancehall, r'n'b / hip hop, pop / jazz, afrobeat and Swedish folk music and is a unique act in music Sweden. Since the start in 2014, Sallyswag has played around 100 acclaimed concerts all over the country, on jazz stages such as Nefertiti & Fasching, folk music festivals such as Urkult, Stockholm Folk Festival & Umefolk and at Peace & Love, Öland Roots & Stockholm Pride Festival. They have been awarded by the Folk and World Music Gala as "Newcomer of the Year 2014", the debut album was nominated by the Manifesto Gala for "Rhythm of the Year 2016" and the band also received the award "Future Music Prize" 2016. From the motivation; “With musical integrity and quality, they creatively dare to break down old barriers and cross genres. They have a drive that encourages change, not just in music, but in society at large. ”

Sallyswag also performs concerts aimed at children aged 10-19 and is approved for the Västra Götaland region's organizer support.


Sanna Eriksson: song
Aurelia Dey: song, toast, rap
Erika Risinger: violin, vocals
Anna Malmström: clarinet, bass clarinet
Nadia Hamouchi: trumpet, rap
Paulina Moberg: trombone
True Sikborn Erixon: electric guitar
Ebba Wigren: drums