An earthy sound, a heavy drive, an unstoppable chew and a sometimes trans-like state, spiced with some folk music elements.

ROTAS! The root and inspiration of the music is found in the modern jazz of the 60's, such as in John Coltrane, Joe Henderson and similar artists. ROTAS mostly plays original compositions written by all members of the band.

The members of this quartet have been able to be seen and listened to in different constellations, in the Gothenburg area and around the rest of the country. (John Holmström About Tat Sat, Jazz and Flyfishing, Black Cat Bone, Songs of Boda, Piatruba etc.) They found each other just when the pandemic broke out but have still managed to play a couple of concerts (Unity, Glenn Miller among others). The premiere gig was at, the somewhat unpredictable, Swedish Championships in Thai boxing at Trädgården Göteborg.

Review in Lira:

Orpheus Worthy Tsoukalas - sax
John Holmström - piano
Linus Klevebrant - double bass
Fredrik Hamrå - drums