Rosanna Gunnarsson

Rosanna Gunnarsson

Composer Rosanna Gunnarson writes music for acoustic instruments as well as electronic ones, often in combination with each other.

Composer Rosanna Gunnarson writes music for acoustic instruments as well as electronic ones, often in combination with each other. In many of her works, she has taken inspiration from visual and bodily experiences (from surfing to diving) and devoted herself to acoustic works as well as audiovisual and sound art.


  • Worklist:


  • 2012 “Fragment / Fragments” - for Chamber Choir, performed by Södra Latins Kammarkör, Visby
    Cathedral (Sound waves).
  • 2013 “Mörkerseende / Night vision” - for Kammarensemble, performed by Norrbotten Neo (Ljudvågor).
  • 2014 “Explosive atmosphere” - duo for trombone / trumpet and live electronics, performed by Ivo Nilsson and Tora Thorslund, Fylkingen (LjudoLjud).
  • 2015 “Dogtown part I” - for Kammarensemble, performed by Norrbotten Neo, Forum (LjudoLjud).
  • 2015 “Dogtown part II” - for wind orchestra, performed by the Wind Symphony Orchestra, Musical (LjudoLjud).
  • 2015 “Dogtown - part III” - electroacoustic work, Litteraturhaus Norrebro (Sonic festival, Static illusions).
  • 2016 “Offshore winds” - for Wind Quintet, performed and commissioned by the Army Music Corps, Hesselby Castle (Hesselby Chamber Music Festival).
  • 2016 “Surfing soundwaves” - for two percussionists, audio file and video, performed on Dome of visions (LjudoLjud).
  • 2016 “Surfing soundwaves - Baltic sea” audiovisual sound booth, Set up during the summer exhibition at Stockholm Concert Hall.
  • 2016 "Explosive atmosphere - sax edition", for two saxophones, performed by the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet in Sofia Church.
  • 2016 Vignette / soundtrack - “Sweden's best home service” - SVT2017 “Surfing in Swedish” - for piano and Ukelele, premiered in Västerås Concert Hall.2017 “Apnea” - for solo saxophone, performed and commissioned by Linn Persson.
  • 2017 “Apnea - A dive in sound”, audiovisual work shown at the “Sound and gender festival” in Gothenburg.
  • 2017 “Twirling shadows” a work commissioned by photographer Peter Bodhi Anand Ullberg for an exhibition at Mälsåker Castle. Performed by percussionist Emelie Sjöström.
  • 2018 ”Surfing soundwaves - Baltic sea” audiovisual artwork / sound booth ordered from Swedavia Airports. Is set up at Arlanda Terminal 5.
  • 2018 "Geryones" for soprano and piano. Written for Kajsa Lindberg, premiered in Västerås Concert Hall 10/3
  • 2018 "Winter Harbor" for My Eklund
  • 2018 “Imagining a grand canyon” for large orchestra. Performed during FST's orchestra presentation of Jönköping's symphony.
  • 2019 “CORE MUSIC” for sound sculpture. In collaboration with the sculptor Tony Abrahamsson. Set up in Lidköping's city garden between Aug-Nov 19. Ordered from MCV and Lidköping municipality (with support from the Swedish Arts Council and the Västra Götaland region).
  • 2020 "Condens magnificent, scientific and musical theater!". A family performance by the ensemble Kondens where Rosanna wrote the music (partly inspired by models from the Baroque period and based on the physical data of circus artists). Rosanna also plays one of the roles in the show, the crazy sound professor! (With the support of the Swedish Music Agency, the Artists' Committee and the Stockholm Region).
  • 2020 “Ongoing realities” music for a dance performance by choreographers Anna Näsström and Jo Bandholtz (produced by Riksteatern). Together with composer / pianist Alex Zethson, Rosanna has created music and sound design for a live performance, as well as a Virtual Reality world. (With the support of the Artists' Committee and the National Theater West).
  • 2021 “ALTER” a work for the ensemble Elefantöra, for three Ipads and an audio file. Ordered from ShareMusic and Performance art. Premiere in 2021.