Robert “Robi” Sword

Robert “Robi” Sword

Multiple award-winning flamenco guitarist and composer!

Robert 'Robi' Svärd has established himself as an internationally recognized flamenco guitarist and, together with flamenco dancer Ann Sehlstedt, is currently working on the performance "Dos" (2).

With two critically acclaimed albums, Robert 'Robi' Svärd has not only attracted a lot of attention in Sweden but also in flamenco's home region in Spain.

This is Mattias Frantzén's (STIM's Promotion Committee)'s motivation when Robi was awarded the prize as "STIM Composer of the Year 2019":
“A recognized skilled instrumentalist but also a stylish and virtuoso composer with as much respect for tradition as he is an ingenious innovator. His impressive dexterity and feeling lay the foundation for a pleasant flow in the complex compositions. He has made the giants of the genre lose their temper - to come out of nowhere as a Swede and break through in the recognized picky and quality-conscious flamenco - Spain is an almost unlikely achievement ”

Group members
(Number of participants can vary from duo to septet according to agreement)

Robert “Robi” Sword: guitar
Antonio Gómez “El Turry”: song
Miguel “Cheyenne”: percussion
Afra Rubino: guitar
Ann Sehlstedt “La Pantera”: dance
Sara Nilsson: violin / viola
Joan Masana: bass