The fox

The fox

(children / youth) Räfven invites to dance and laughter for children and adults. (all ages)

Ever since the start in 2003, Räfven has chosen to say yes rather than no, which has given the band the joy of meeting audiences in every conceivable context, everything from playing suspended in a treetop to facing 10 screaming Japanese. The fox has emerged and been shaped on the street, which is noticeable in the way it performs and captures audiences regardless of age or size. Audience contact and playing joy are always at the center when Räfven plays his distinctive mix of Balkan beats, gypsy punk and kurbit klezmer.

Räfven has a three-generation audience and in recent years the band has performed more and more children, youth and family concerts. The basis of these concerts are: energy, energy, energy. Everyone can dance, swing and sing together with Räfven.

Räfven also does popular workshops for children and young people. The band has primarily worked with students and teachers at various cultural schools around Sweden. From a half day workshop, to several days camp. Räfven usually teaches his songs by ear and ends with a joint concert with the participants. Other times Räfven uses notes and makes specially written orchestral arrangements for the participants. Through music, Räfven wants to convey creativity's commitment, enthusiasm and euphoria.