Pop-Up Schubert

Pop-Up Schubert

Pop-Up Schubert- Sweden's most modern schubertiad.

Meet a quirky pianist and a real opera singer who with a song by Franz Schubert leads the group in a playful musical adventure. The audience gives 1800th century poetry a makeover and in the hat there are tools to try out the aleatory compositional art. It will be a wonderful laugh party that we play together, listen to, sing and dance our way through. We want to inspire both children and adults and provide a creative entrance to practical musical analysis, concept orientation and the music's exciting history.

Suitable for all ages regardless of function set and is very suitable for cross-generational public events.

Participants: Singer Nina Ewald, pianist Karin M Nilsson

We can bring our own digital piano if instruments are not in place.

Pop-Up Schubert can also be found in Kulturkatalogen Väst: https://www.kulturkatalogenvast.org/Arrangemang/id/3877