Paula of Malmborg Ward

Paula of Malmborg Ward

Bossa, jazz and soul with piano, song and the musical story in the center.

Paula af Malmborg Ward moved to Gothenburg from Stockholm in 1992. Since then she has been working as a freelance composer full time. Operas, works for symphony orchestra and choir as well as chamber music and works for radio and television have passed through the years.
And on selected occasions, she has performed some of her own "old" songs from the time as a songwriter / pianist / singer. And constantly asked the question - Where can I buy the record? How can I listen to your songs?
It took a pandemic, a postponed opera premiere, a postponed vocal symphony for time to lift the lid on her groundwater: songwriting.
Now it rises to the surface. Filtered by decades of music creation for other performers, they purr again - the bossa novels, the jazz waltzes, the fast Latin songs and the soulful ballads. The lyrics and music always side by side. The piano, the song and the musical story are at the center. It's about life, of course - which is fun, absurd, thought-provoking and serious.

Paula af Malmborg Ward, vocals and piano