Parallel Activity

Parallel Activity

Energetic and languorous improvisational music with the doors wide open for rock, folk and more.

Four very strong musical voices with heavy and varied backgrounds

Together they create a creative, cross-genre music that moves from heavy riff-based songs to lyrical, fine-tuned ballads. Strong compositions and expressive improvisations live in beautiful symbiosis.

Playfulness and relaxation permeate the group's musicians, even in the moments when the music is most powerful and intense. Gothenburg-based Parallel Activity consists of guitarists Carl Svensson and Erik Ivarsson who with their different playing styles and expressions create a wide and varied palette of sounds / rhythms / moods. Alfred Lorinius' bass and Johan Björklund's drums form a very stable, responsive and creative rhythm section that complements the group in a uniquely unique way.
In November 2017, they released their debut album Rubicon on Imogena Records, an album that received very good reviews.
September 10, 2021, album no. 2 "8 Millimeter" will be released, this time on the newly started company Toppkonst.

The press about “Rubicon”:
“It's a lot of guitar and unusually good looking guitar. The music is varied and goes from heavy riffs to finely tuned lyrical sections. The soundscape is very wide and soundscapes of many types are painted. Sometimes the landscape feels very deserted, sometimes it gets a little threatening, but it is always beautiful in some way. ”

Lennart Götesson - Dalademokraten

“Everything goes again? No, but what is good never disappears. Such as jazz rock of the old school. The Gothenburg group Parallel Activity shows that this music is timeless. I do not know where they got their influences. Kebnekajse? A little. Spotnicks? Njae. Fleetwood Mac? Perhaps. It does not matter at all, because they stand on their own two feet. ” Mats Palmquist - LIRA