Oscar Danielson

Oscar Danielson

Souly and relaxed 70's feeling with loving and disrespectful texts about what it means to be a child (4-10 years)

Oscar Danielson was awarded a Grammy 2012 for the album "It costs to be a child".

Together with the multi-instrumentalist Daniel Bingert, he plays these and other songs of his own during a different children's concert. Calmer. Like a fairytale moment. But with a lot of laughter. Humor, warmth and authenticity are the watchwords. After the concert there is a lot to think about. And talk about.

Oscar is his own genre, considered by many to be Sweden's best lyricist. "I have a hard time coming up with someone who writes equally good pop poetry in Swedish…" wrote Po Tidholm about the latest album in DN. Even in the songs for children, it is the lyrics that stand out. Here is a clear child perspective that engages.

Oscar has recorded six albums, written three novels and given hundreds of concerts around the Nordic countries.

Further down the page are videos from the concert when Oscar receives a Grammy for "It costs to be a child"