Newly composed music, poetry and improvisation.



Karin Johansson - piano, prepared piano, composition and scars.

Jenny Willén - song, voice

Niclas Rydh - trombone

Gunnel Samuelsson - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

Hasse Westling - double bass


Tomas Tranströmer's poetry is the starting point. Music by Karin Johansson in the borderland between composition and improvisation with lyrics by Tomas Tranströmer, Jenny Willén and Karin. A much appreciated Germany tour was conducted in 2019 with texts in Swedish, German and English.

Album release on World Poetry Day March 21, 2022 - Secrets on the Road (Havtorn Records).
Pianist Karin Johansson has composed some of Tomas Tranströmer's poems for his group ORD. There is voice and wind and bass in various free conversations around the piano. Some parts of the music are completely free of improvisation and often with a prepared piano. Secrets on the Road is ORD's first album after the group has existed for a couple of years. Download press release for the album: https://www.mcv.se/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/ORD-Hemligheter-på-vägen-Press-Release-SWE.pdf


"Within me I carry my former faces,
as a tree has its annual rings.
It is the sum of them that I am.
The mirror only sees my last face,
I know all my past. ”
/ Tomas Tranströmer