Newly composed music, poetry and improvisation.

Jenny Willén - song, voice
Niclas Rydh - trombone
Gunnel Samuelsson - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Hasse Westling - double bass
Karin Johansson - piano, composition

Tomas Tranströmer's poetry is the starting point. Music by Karin Johansson in the borderland between composition and improvisation with lyrics by Tomas Tranströmer, Jenny Willén and Karin. A much appreciated Germany tour was conducted in 2019 with texts in Swedish, German and English.
Upcoming album, release 2022 - Secrets on the road, Havtorn Records.

“Within me I carry my former faces,
as a tree has its annual rings.
It is the sum of them that I am.
The mirror only sees my last face,
I know all my past. ”
/ Tomas Tranströmer