Nowak/Hendrix Duo

Nowak/Hendrix Duo

Polish-Belgian duo with one goal: to play the most beautiful melodies.

Although Lena Nowak and Lies Hendrix come from very different backgrounds, they have only one goal together: to play the most beautiful melodies. Those melodies can be happy or sad, emotional or melancholic, traditional or new. It doesn't matter, as long as they move and inspire.

This Polish-Belgian duo met during their studies at the University of Stage and Music in Gothenburg and have spent the last few years building a sound that celebrates the combination of major and clarinet. Through their sensitivity and inspiration, they take you on a nostalgic and beautiful journey filled with musette waltzes, mazurkas, tangos... In short: a very subjective selection of the most beautiful melodies.


Lena Nowak

Gothenburg based Polish clarinet player. Coming from a classical background she continued her education within world music at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. In her playing she uses techniques and ideas from different musical backgrounds, showing the colors and possibilities of the clarinet as a tool of expression and a bridge between different styles, from modal improvisation to early jazz from the 1920s. She works with several projects in Poland and Sweden (fe: Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra,, Ahmad Al Khatib, Bosphorus Ensemble, Sabil, Rocio Molina), touring in Europe and in the Middle East.

Lies Hendrix

Gothenburg and Barcelona based Belgian diatonic accordion player. After pursuing a degree in linguistics, she decided to study World Music at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. She is inspired by the Belgian balfolk dances, the French musette and traditional fiddle music, the Swedish polskas and the Valencian fandangos. Her sensitivity and creative harmonic instincts take you on a journey through Europe. Lies's projects include Spöket i köket (Sweden), Aigua (a duo with Valencian guitarist Joan Peiró Aznar) and Duo Mackie/Hendrix (a duo with Canadian fiddle player Robert Alan Mackie).