New Tide Orquesta

New Tide Orquesta

(fd New Tango Orquesta) A miscellaneous mix of modern chamber music, minimalism, baroque, free improvisation, and a hint of new tango.

With the composer Per Störby in the lead, New Tide Orquesta, on eight albums and countless international tours so far, has developed a completely unique playing style; an idiosyncratic mix of modern chamber music, nuevo tango, minimalism and free improvisation. Through years of touring, they have bribed their very own place on the international music scene. The audience has joined concert halls in Beijing, rock clubs in Moscow, tango clubs in Buenos Aires and jazz clubs in Istanbul and at countless festivals around the Nordics and Europe. Their focused gigs are something of an acoustic, dynamic and musical masterpiece not to be missed.

Per Störby, who is the musical engine in NTO, as a composer and artistic director, has started from chamber music to create the completely unique mix of fugues, counterpoint, improvisation, dynamics, minimalism and baroque music. The very latest music explores even more far-reaching all the possibilities in the ensemble's acoustic sound palette, with an even greater emphasis on the art and chamber music than before. They have toured all over the world, given concerts at everything from rock clubs in Moscow or tango clubs in Buenos Aires, to jazz clubs in Istanbul or concert halls in China.

NTO is loved by a united body of critics who praised both live performances and albums. In 2016, the group released two albums, Live in Rio and Spirits: Nursery Rhymes. Live in Rio rose with furious speed to the top list place number 1 on, with no less than 5.0 in average rating! In addition to these, they have released six more albums: The New Tango Orquesta (1998), Part II (2000), the Grammy-nominated Bestiario (2005), The Kiev Concert and Vesper (2009) and How To Climb A Mountain (2012). Their music has also been used in numerous films, including SVT-produced Dance Teacher's Return, Sketches of Frank Gehry (Sidney Pollack) and Searching For Sugarman (Malik Bendjelloul) and others; and most dance and theater performances.

In 2016, NTO began a powerful and close collaboration with the dance company Sidra Bell Dance in New York. Together, they have formed the performance Pattern Outside, which had its world premiere in New Orleans in November 2016 and is played in both the USA and Sweden during 18/19.

“Årets Experimentella album: Vesper” – Manifestgalan 2011

“Årets Grupp” – Folk- och världsmusikgalan 2010