Nanna Carling

Nanna Carling

Soprano saxophonist in traditional happy jazz with the whole world as a stage

It is almost impossible to resist the soprano saxophonist and singer Nanna Carling's sparkling charisma, energetic stage presence and crystal-clear musicality. With inspiration from icons such as Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday, Nanna passionately delivers the musical traditions of jazz to both new fans and already die-hard enthusiasts.

Nanna Carling Swingband's happy jazz is lively with a touch of Paris. The Carling Sisters play traditional New Orleans jazz in a new twist. High energy!

Nanna, born -97, stands out as a unique talent within traditional happy jazz. Despite her young age, she has a long and wide experience of being on stage. She has played on jazz stages in all corners of the world, with notable examples such as Birdland Jazz Club (New York, USA) and Big Bang Swing (Bangkok, TH).

Nanna's countless gigs and live streams on social media have earned her a multi-thousand-fold fan base worldwide. The debut album “That's a Plenty” was released in 2022m and the sequel, with original music by Nanna herself, is expected to be released in 2024.

Other members:
Linnea Carling: Drums/banjo
Petronella Carling: Trombone
Sigrid Abrahamsson: Double bass
Thierry Marazanye: Piano
Mauritz Lindström: Saxophone