A unique amalgamation of three different musical traditions.

The group seamlessly weaves together improvisation, Western classical music and Taiwanese folk music. The result is a unique timbre landscape, as bold as it is fragile, filled with melancholic beauty. The group consists of three distinct musical voices with roots in Sweden, Spain and Taiwan. 

The name Mycorrhiza comes from the symbiotic relationship that exists between the mycelium of fungi and the roots of plants. In a similar way, the group creates its own musical fabric, an ecosystem where the members' different backgrounds are brought together in the creation of a new musical organism.

Mykorhiza is a celebration of diversity and consists of two cis women and one LGBTQI person, all from different countries and musical backgrounds. Their music demonstrates an intercultural dialogue where everyone speaks on equal terms.

In the past year, Mykorhiza has played at, among others, IMPRA Jazz Festival 2022 (Fasching, Stockholm), Babel Sound Festival 2022 (Balatonboglár, Hungary) and Tranemo Jazz Fest 2023. During the same period, the trio has also performed concerts at Skeppet, Frilagret and Klubb Impuls.

We who play in Mykorhiza

Fan-Qi Wu grew up in Taiwan and plays the Pipa, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Among other things, Fan-Qi has won first prize in Taiwan's national pipe competition and has worked as a soloist with orchestras around the world. In order to study abroad, Fan-Qi was awarded a full scholarship from Taiwan intended for especially talented musicians. 

Alicia Lazaro Arteaga is a vocalist and has also trained in classical piano and composition. Alicia recently completed her master's studies at the University of Stage & Music in Gothenburg where she focused on combining acoustic and electronic sounds with "motion tracking". In 2022, Alicia was selected to participate in the Narrative XR Lab at the Visual Arena in Gothenburg with the aim of developing new forms of storytelling within virtual reality.

August Björn is a Swedish pianist and composer. At the age of 16, he released his debut album Mono Human and has since been named the winner of Unga Jazzkometer, Sweden's biggest competition for young jazz musicians. August has been awarded STIM's Scholarship for Composers and in recent years has written a string knot and a piece for euphonium and orchestra.

Fan-Qi Wu - Pipe
Alicia Lazaro Arteaga – Vocals, electronics, percussion
August Björn - Piano