My Quiet Companion

My Quiet Companion

Americana with a Scandinavian edge. With three guitars, mandolin, dobro, stompboard and vocals, they create presence and swing.

Concert program with original material:

My Quiet Companion has been around since the fall of 2012, when they recorded Sofia Ekberg's debut EP All The Small Details. A first successful meeting that led to tours and workshops both in Sweden and abroad. With three guitars, mandolin, dobro, stompboard and vocals, they create presence and swing where you can sit back and listen to the songs' stories… Americana with a Scandinavian edge. My Quiet Companion released their self-titled debut CD in the fall of 2015.

Other music programs:


A new music show about the decade that drove us crazy and that we both loved and hated.

What did the 80's do to us? How did we become who we became? How did we manage through the yuppie era and the pastel color overdose intact? Welcome to a show about wanting to rock when the synths took over the radio waves. About being ugly and wrong in a time when it was all about outer beauty. About the decade when virginity disappeared.

The music show is filled with philosophical reflections on history, the present and the future. Well-known and unknown 80s classics (including Bowie, Madonna, Paul Simon, Cyndi Lauper and Whitney Houston) in a completely new guise mixed with their own songs, personal considerations and a great dose of humor. All embedded in My Quiet Companion's distinctive sound: with three guitars, mandolin, dobro, stompboard and vocals, they create presence and swing where you can sit back and listen to the songs' stories.

HUNGRY HEART - Springsteen in our way

In My Quiet Companion's Springsteen program, intimate acoustic arrangements are mixed with personal reflections on the fragility of our shared dreams, our hunger for love and a constant longing to go home, combined with a liberating dose of humor. Timeless hits like you've never heard before.

Concert program / Songwriting workshop (for years 7-9 / high school / folk high school):

How to write songs? Where do the ideas come from? And can you write about anything?

Trion My Quiet Companion plays their own singer / songwriter songs. At the same time, Henrik Cederblom, Sofia Ekberg and Patrick Rydman take the opportunity to tell about how their music was created - from ear to loaf. The three songwriters sort out the concepts, both around the musical craft and around how to recognize a good song idea. There are thought-provoking kicks against taking their whims seriously and trying before you diss. During this concert, which is also a conversation, three well-established musicians and songwriters share their thoughts and experiences, both about creativity and collaboration. This can be followed by a workshop tailored to the school's wishes and the students' basic knowledge.

Concert programs and workshops can be carried out within the framework of the Creative School.

Sofia Ekberg is a singer, songwriter and musician. After her education at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, she has participated in a large number of musical productions both in Sweden and abroad. In recent years, Sofia has focused more on writing her own songs. She released her debut EP All The Small Details in 2013 and runs the singer / songwriter line at Löftadalen Folk High School in Åsa, Halland.

Patrick Rydman is a singer, musician, songwriter and producer. He has made two solo records, worked with children's performances in Big Wind and choir performance with the singing ensemble Amanda. Patrick has also produced other artists and worked as a theater musician and composer for stage and radio. As a songwriter, he works with colleagues both in Sweden and abroad.

Henrik Cederblom has played with Sofia Karlsson, Freddie Wadling, Den Fule and Sofie Livebrandt and written music for theater and radio, including Swedish Radio's Christmas calendar 2012. He also runs the recording studio Epidemin in Gothenburg, where he recorded and produced so many different artists such as Daniel Lemma and Arne Weise.

My Quiet Companion is also available in Kulturkatalogen Väst: