My Dear Companion

My Dear Companion

With its mix of beauty and tear, the band puts its unique stamp on a repertoire deeply rooted in the American south

My Dear Companion are known for their unique, warm sound – three completely different voices merging into an irresistible unity, opening up a world full of deeply moving music and stories. It is magnificent in its simplicity. The trio is inspired by old-time country and American bluegrass, especially groups and artists such as The Carter Family, Ralph Stanley and the High Sierra Trio (Dolly Parton/Linda Ronstad/Emmylou Harris) and has played and sung that music a lot together. Two years ago, Hannah, Agnes and Lea began to expand their repertoire with self-written songs that are now recorded on the album Well of Time. In My Dear Companion's sound, the way they sing and the instrumentation, you can hear the musical tradition the trio comes from, but their own music contains something more - you could say they stand with one foot in the country/bluegrass genres, while the other has sought into American folk/Americana.

The band released their debut album Sisters Tears in early September 2021, the follow-up Well Of Time will be released in May 2024.

Hannah Shermis: banjo, dulcimer, vocals
Agnes Åhlund: trumpet, song
Lea-Marie Sittler: guitar, vocals