My Dear Companion

My Dear Companion

With its mix of beauty and tear, the band puts its unique stamp on a repertoire deeply rooted in the American south

This trio is inspired by the three-part singing tradition that belongs to old-time country and American bluegrass, and is inspired by artists such as Dolly Parton, Carter Family and Emmylou Harris. The song has full focus, where it is allowed to be alternately a soft, warm caress, alternately a fist blow right in the heart. The music is deeply heartfelt and at times fragile, but the trio's playful, relaxed, almost mischievous interpretations of classics give the listener a picture of a cocky angel choir hanging in the smoke window to gossip and talk shit. .

The band will release their debut album Sisters Tears in early September 2021

Hannah Shermis: banjo, vocals
Agnes Åhlund: trumpet, song
Lea-Marie Sittler: guitar, vocals