STONE, STONE - BUBBLE YOU! A poetic notion of the wisdom we humans have forgotten. (5-9 years)

Deep, deep down in the sea lives a girl. She collects people's forgotten stories, songs and wisdoms - everything has sunk to the seabed like rocks. When the girl listens to the stones, they become light, they rise to the surface like bubbles. The girl makes us remember again: how important you are, how important I am and how we are all connected, together.

Rock, rock - bubble you! is also about how important it is to keep the sea clean. What happens on the day the sea gets enough of all the rubbish that people spread around them? And what happens on the day the water runs out and people have to wander far, far away, to fetch water for the Japanese troll Kappa? The coat must have clean water for the soil to feel good.

Rock, rock - bubble you! aimed at children from 5 to 9 years. Language and text are not basic to keep up with the show. The story of the girl and the stones is the frame story from which other stories are also told. The stories are inspired by different beings (yokai) from Japan and Sweden and are presented playfully and poetically, accompanied by various musical instruments, mainly by the traditional Japanese string instrument Koto. The instrument itself carries history and wisdom. The music that comes out is like bubbles floating in the room. With the help of light, shadows and music, the audience is taken below and up to the surface. When the light shines on the background wall, people's forgotten stories and wisdom come to life.

Rock, rock - bubble you! played by the newly formed duo Momonga. The duo consists of Lotta Sjölin Cederblom (known from groups such as Markatta and SIMBI) and the artist Karin Nakagawa (Japan) who plays 25-string Koto.

In collaboration with Kultur i Väst and Konstepidemin. With the support of the Swedish Arts Council and the City of Gothenburg Culture.