Mojanes, nature's magical cleaners (from 5 years and up)

Hanna Sundelius - actress
Karin Johansson - musician

The music by and with Karin Johansson is lyrical and beautiful but also messy and unpredictable. Inspired by both pygmy music and contemporary sound art, it flows as a natural being throughout the performance. Karin plays on water and toy fish and the music wants to inspire the children to build instruments themselves with simple means. The composition and framing is based on Hanna's musical acting based on clown aesthetics. By simple means, the room changes and we travel all over the earth like Mojanes, deep underwater and high in the air. Communication with children about nature, the environment and different places in the world becomes part of the story. It is through the audience that the performance comes to life. New for this year is that we now also offer an English version - The Moyans!
The performance is based on the book 'Mojaner, nature's magical cleaner' by Ellinor Johansson.
Ellinor is also the producer of the show.
Screenplay and dramatization by Hanna Sundelius.