Mikaeli Sångare

Mikaeli Sångare

Chamber choir from Gothenburg - powerful voices in sacred and profane music.

Mikaeli Sångare is a mixed chamber choir led by Mikael Paulsson. The repertoire varies and the choir likes to sing music from the Baroque, Renaissance and medieval eras. Mikaeli Sångare's repertoire also includes modern music, such as 1900th century music, folk music and jazz. The choir has produced several stage concerts and performances over the years and also participated as an opera choir in some of Utomjordiska Barockbolaget's all-night operas.

Mikaeli Sångare is up to date with the following program options:

“If I was born, then I want to live! - a day in Bellman's life ”stage performance with chamber choir Mikaeli Sångare. Musical direction and tilt: Mikael Paulsson. Cello: Daniel Enochsson, Människan i Kålltorp, Råstensgatan 4 in Gothenburg on Friday 29 November at 18 pm.

The choir also appears in smaller constellations; quartets, double quartets, women's choir etc.

More information about current programs can be found on their own website and on Facebook