Midwinter vigil

Midwinter vigil

A world-musical Christmas brew, a spicy winter soundtrack that enlivens and gives peace to light-thirsty and frost-bitten winter souls!

Since 2011, the Midwinter Vigil has turned night into day. With saffron-scented songs and cinnamon-spiced songs, a steaming hot Christmas brew is cooked in Caribbean, Nordic, Greek, Arabic and Eastern European tones. Traditional and newly written, international and local, lyrics, music, song and dance about light that subdues darkness!

Said about Midwinter Week:

“Jag skulle kunna skriva hur mycket som helst om den imponerande musikalitet som genomsyrar allt, om den scennärvaro som utstrålas och om det fullständigt självklara sätt dessa kvinnor lyckas få de olika stilarna att smälta samman, utan skarvar, men med respekt för varje enskild del.”

Kaja & Tetra are two free music groups that have been around for a few years and both have a penchant for letting different traditions meet. In her regular repertoire, Kaja draws on Eastern European folk music in her new compositions, but allows the music to be influenced by the members' different musical experiences and personal expressions. Likewise, Tetra, who shares with each other his songs of mainly Greek, Haitian, Nordic and Arabic origin. Here the groups have joined forces to do something completely new and unique!

In 2012, Kaja & Tetra's unique Christmas album was released, a spicy and contemplative winter soundtrack for light-thirsty, frozen, frost-bitten, heat-hungry and struggling winter souls!