Midwinter vigil

Midwinter vigil

A world-musical Christmas brew, a spicy winter soundtrack that enlivens and gives peace to light-thirsty and frost-bitten winter souls!

Since 2011, Midvintervaka has warmed light-thirsty frozen winter souls, from north to south, and in 2021, Kaja & Tetra will celebrate 10 years with the anniversary album Vintra Solstico! Welcome to the warmth of a rich Christmas table with aromas, flavors and tones from the Nordic countries, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Just over a decade ago, the groups Kaja and Tetra found each other in a shared passion for new musical encounters. There, the idea for a performance with the theme of Christmas and community and a modern Midwinter Vigil was born. A colorful Christmas show, where the audience is invited into the warmth to dance and music drawn from different folk music traditions: Nordic, Greek, Arabic, Romani, Macedonian, Galician and Caribbean folk music and tango interspersed with newly written music and poetry. In 2011 Midvintervaka had its world premiere at Teater Aftonstjärnan and was met with glowing reviews. Since then, the acclaimed performance has toured from Piteå to Malmö and in 2012 the debut album with the same name was also released.

New album
The show has since received new clothes with deeper shades and new elements. On the ensemble's second album Winter Solstico (Midwinter sun stand in Esperanto) sounds everything from mariavisor in Swedish and Greek, party music from Morocco and Stilla natt in Spanish, to composed poetry by Olivia Bergdahl, Christmas song by Alf Hambe and Haitian song about angels.

Maria Stella's Song, zils, req, maraccas, mungiga, clackets and bells
Ingrid Brannstrom Song, davoul, bombo and bells
Sanna Källman Singing, cello, guiro, chekere and bells
Anna Ottertun Singing, darbouka, req, frame drum and bells
Life North - Violinquinton, mandolin and vocals
Camilla Åström Accordion and song
Jenny Kristoffersson - Double bass and vocals

Said about Midwinter Vigil:

“I could write as much as I like about the impressive musicality that permeates everything, about the stage presence that radiates and about the completely obvious way these women manage to make the different styles blend together, without seams, but with respect for each individual part. ”
Gunnar Wiklund, Folkbladet