The Midnight Orchestra

The Midnight Orchestra

The Midnight Orchestra - songs about the sea, the moon and night trams

The eight-man band from Gothenburg has its very own tone somewhere in the field between show, chanson, chamber music, tango and jazz. Fine-tuned melancholy and night mood are special features. Music and lyrics are written by David Löfberg who plays accordion in the orchestra which also consists of singer Elina Ryd, string quartet, guitar and bass. Since the start, the orchestra has played in many contexts such as song festivals, summer churches and various concert stages. The midnight orchestra often performs completely acoustically, in addition to a microphone for the song, and with the audience close by. In 2014, the album "Över stadens tak" was released which received good reviews: NWT: 5/5 suns "a nice mix of Nordic melancholy and word-twisting joy" UNT: 4/5 quays "It's about timeless music" Sydsvenskan: "a special kind of sincerity" Lira: "dreamy, nocturnal, juicy, poetic and big city sensual". But it is in the live context, in the moment with the audience when the music is alive, that the Midnight Orchestra thrives best.

The Midnight Orchestra consists of eight musicians:

Elina Ryd - song
Linnea Hällqvist - violin
Button Brita Pettersson - violin
Maria Johnson - viola
Stina Larsdotter - cello
Gustav Jullander - guitar
Johan Bengtsson - bass
David Löfberg - music, lyrics, arrangements and accordion

Other eminent musicians who sometimes made or are making inroads:

Annie Svedlund - violin
Helena Åberg - violin
Johanna Östling - viola
Hanna Bendz - cello
Erik Ivarsson - guitar

Camilla Åström - accordion