Long, mesmerizing, suggestive compositions with roots in Drone / Avant-Garde / Experimental

Maulén is started by the composer and guitarist Carlos Ibarra. The name Maulén is Carlos' grandmother's maiden name, which was part of the indigenous people of Chile.

The debut album "El miedo de Amar per igual lo hago" ** was recorded in Kulturtemplet, which with its 100-year history previously served as a water reservoir in Gothenburg. The temple offers a natural reverb with a reverberation of up to 18 seconds and the record features a number of musicians who perform the songs in Polish, Arabic, Spanish, French and Persian.
The music can be described as long, mesmerizing, suggestive compositions with roots in Drone / Avant-Garde / Experimental.

** (To be afraid to love but I do it anyway)

In 2021, the Administration for Cultural Development awarded a residence to Maulén, where he and three other musicians worked on the next album, where interpretations of the Egyptian singer Oum Kulthum's work will be dressed in a new electronic doom and drone metal costume. In 2022, the work will be recorded together with Moroccan folk musicians in the village of Tafraoute and will then be a bridge between the oriental tradition and the Nordic metal culture.