Maria Stoltz - “New Roads”

Maria Stoltz - “New Roads”

Own compositions and composed poems by Karin Boye.

Maria Stoltz is a musician and singer who sings from French chansons and her own songs to Ulla Billquist songs, composed poems by Karin Boye and hits from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
The program "New Roads" presents composed poems by Karin Boye. They are interspersed with Maria's own songs and between the songs a little is told about Karin Boye and her own songs. She is assisted by cellist Hanna Bendz.

Maria Stoltz made her record debut with "I go my own way" (1996) which was followed by "French Chansons and my own songs" from 2000. "Buy roses" with music from Ulla Billquist's wide repertoire came in 2002. "New ways" contains poems by Karin Boye which is composed by Maria, as well as some of her own songs and came out in 2015. The latest is called "French Song Poets" and was released in August 2016.

The records have been met with good reviews in the press, for the French chansons the praise was overwhelming, not least in France.

“Swedish Poets” - A song program together with the cellist Hanna Bendz with her own and others' compositions by Karin Boye, Nils Ferlin, Anna-Greta Wide and others.
The program is available on the website