Marcus Svensson

Marcus Svensson

Exciting and fun travel story. Come to America with blues and country tones! (6 - 12 years)

The trip to America is a music story by and with the guitarist and singer Marcus Svensson. We get to follow the farmhand Gustaf's adventurous journey from the forests of Småland to the Louisiana swamps. Marcus takes the audience more than a hundred years back in time and sings and tells Gustaf's story. At times it looks bad for Gustaf, he does not know the language and longs for home. In Louisiana, he is close to ending up in the gap on an alligator. Fortunately, he is rescued by the robber princess Emma and together they turn Emma's robber band into a rock band.

Marcus sings in Swedish and plays a sheet metal guitar from the 1930s. The performance is about 40 minutes and suitable for children from 6 years. The music is newly written and is blues and country inspired.

Marcus Svensson has recorded records and toured for several years with mainly blues and country music. Marcus has also done several school tours in Music in the South and Culture in the West.