Marco Rios

Marco Rios

"Värmlatino" - known with "Hi amigo" and "Sambalelê" from Bolibompa, P3 Barnradio, tours and for interpretations by Björn Afzelius in Spanish.

Marco Rios - "Värmlänningen från Peru" - is an artist and songwriter from Latin America, who for many years has introduced Latin American music to Sweden and the Nordic countries, but also Swedish music to the Spanish-speaking part of the world.
Marco Rios is best known from his children's program series "Hi Amigo" in Bolibompa TV's Björnes Magasin, and for his collaboration with Björn Afzelius.

Marco has released CDs: "Afzelius in Spanish" and "Värmlatino" and BarnCD: "Hej amigo", "Sambalelê", "Jag kan om jag vill" and "A la rueda rueda".

CDs are available on Library, Spotify, YouTube and other digital channels.

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Come on, come on!
Susanne Lind & Marco Rios

Is a children's family show filled with music, song, rhythms and much more.

If you want everyone to be involved, you need an invitation to feel welcome to participate in what is happening, no matter what this is about.
Try different singing games from near and far with both movements, dances and rhymes.

How about experiencing rock, scissors and bag play, dare to try at what a wonderful pace a shoemaker works, pick berries or how careful you should be if you want to joke or play with the animals in the forest.

Susan Lind, violin and song and Marco Rios, vocals, guitar and percussion, have played for thousands of children across the country for several years.


HELLO AMIGO! (Children Family Program)

"Hey amigo!" Hello my friend! or Hello my friend! It is a friendly greeting in Swedish / Spanish.

When the music, rhythms, movements and lyrics invite you to participate, it becomes easier to learn to sing, dance, count and greet in different languages.
The days of the week are filled with activities and they swing forward, one after the other while the children in their imagination help to wash clothes, wash dishes, fish, paint and clean.
Counting in different languages ​​can be exciting in itself, but counting every other time, jumping on one leg, running fast, stomping your feet and afterwards counting backwards during calypso, reggae or samba beats will be a completely different thing.
How about a choreographed hip hop where everyone can participate and learn to rap?
At the end is a "Keep your distance Sambakarneval". Dance and get loose, now it's party!
Duration of the program: 35 minutes

Marco Rios: Singing, guitar and dance. Natalie Knutzen: Singing, ukulele and dancing.

CD: Hey amigo! Library, Spotify, YouTube and other digital channels.

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Children's program "Sambalelê" with Marco Rios & Ruth Safira

Sambalelê is the name of a girl from Brazil who loves to dance samba from Brazil, cumbia from Colombia, huayno from Peru and rhythms from different countries in Latin America. She shows how one dances and invites everyone to participate and participate in both the movements, song and music.
"Sambalelê" is also the name of this interactive music program for children where those who want can try playing different rhythm instruments and maybe even offer a little instrumental solo.
The songs are in Swedish with some elements of Portuguese and Spanish.

Marco Rios (Värmlänning from Peru, now living in Stockholm) song, guitar and dance. Has participated in SVT Bolibompa, Björnes Magasins, released six CDs for children and adults and translated Björn Afzelius into Spanish,
Ruth Saphira from Brazil, song and dance. Ruth has played and performed in various constellations, primarily in Brazilian dance music.

CD: Sambalelê! Library, Spotify, YouTube and other digital channels.

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A unique mix where the Latin American Värmland temperaments, the tropical and the Nordic, are united in a musical and loving embrace. In this program there is the chance to enjoy Marcos 'own songs in Swedish and Spanish as well as his interpretations of Björn Afzelius' songs in Spanish and other Swedish artists.

CD: RioGrande- Afzelius in Spanish and "Värmlatino" on Library, Spotify, YouTube and other digital channels.